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Expedite your BRIDGES eBook & Audio Book Requests

Bridges/OverDrive users may experience long waiting lists for books and audio books on our shared state-wide e-book catalog.  Or they may not find what they're looking for.  If it is available to purchase and within our budget, we want to help our patrons out.


Go to Bridges, login with your card number and password, and search for your title.

It's not on Bridges!

Follow OverDrive's instructions for Iowa to recommend titles for purchase.  With these instructions you can see exactly what titles are available to purchase and recommend them to the Iowa consortium.

Then, fill out the request form below so we can SPEED UP your order!

​Not every e-book and audiobook is available for us to purchase on OverDrive.  Using the OverDrive instructions is the fastest way to see what is available.

It is on Bridges - but the wait time is sooooo long!

First - get on the waiting list.  This will ensure that when we purchase a title for Keokuk cardholders, you will be bumped ahead on the list.

Then fill out the request form below so we can SPEED UP your order!

We understand your frustration.  If we decide to purchase another copy of the title for our patrons, you will move to the top of the list!

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