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The library gratefully accepts gifts and donations.  In instances where stipulations are attached to gifts, the library reserves the right to refuse the gift if the stipulations are unacceptable.


The Keokuk Public Library Foundation is the preferred recipient for substantial gifts of money, property or stock.


Donated materials must be in excellent condition and meet specific criteria to be accepted by the library.  Potential donations must be delivered to the circulation desk inside the library in a limited quantity as follows: two standard paper grocery bags, or two copy paper size boxes.


Keokuk Public Library reserves the right to check all donations prior to acceptance for compatibility with the existing collection development policy.  If accepted, materials may be added to the library’s collection, placed in the book sale, or offered to other local agencies.


Items unacceptable for donation:

  • Encyclopedias and textbooks

  • Items containing outdated information.

  • Items in poor or non-working order, i.e. broken spine, moldy, scratched, water damaged, mildewed, missing or yellowed pages, etc.

The library reserves the right to reject any donation outright.


When a receipt is requested at the time of the donation, the library will issue a written statement providing the date and description of the gift.  The library will not attempt to appraise or assign a valuation to any donated item.


Adopted 5/16/1988

Revised 2/28/2000

Revised 1/30/2002

Revised 10/17/2011

Revised 11/20/2017

Revised 3/18/2024

Memorials & dedications:

To donate in memory or in honor of a loved one, use this form.

Giving Books - and More!

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