What can I give the book lover in my life?

How can I honor a friend or loved one?

How can I support the library?

You can celebrate a life, a birthday, anniversary, or other special holidays with a memorial or dedication.


Give a gift of cash as an individual or as a group: fill out a donation form and send the form with a check to the library, or chat with the director.

The donation form below asks for your, your loved one, or your organization's interests, so that we can find something that will meet a need and serve as a wonderful tribute.

When we receive the item(s), we will use a memorial book plaque or signage with the information you have provided.  If you would like us to contact someone about the donation, list contact information in the "notes" section.


Let us know if you would like to see your gift, or be the first person to check it out!

Print this form (PDF) or pick up a copy from the library. Your contribution to the library will make a wonderful tribute to your friend or loved one.

We appreciate donations big and small, and the KPL Foundation will send you a thank-you that can be used for tax purposes.

Read more about the KPL Foundation, our 501(c)3 non-profit fundraising arm. Other types of donations include, but are not limited to: bequests, program sponsorships, fundraisers, or contributions to the endowment fund, projects, or areas of the library.

Giving Money - Memorials and Dedications

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