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Other Meeting Places in Keokuk

  • Are you planning a large meeting or event that exceeds our capacity?

  • Are you planning a birthday party, a shower, or a private event?

  • Do you need a place to host a product party?

If you need a place to meet and the meeting doesn't fit with library policies or in the library space, there are other places in Keokuk to consider.

Other Meeting Places in Keokuk

Please call for policies, prices, and details. This is not a complete list. Other options include schools and other churches.  If you would like your meeting space listed, please contact a member of the library staff.

Heritage Center
508 Main Street


Hickory Haven Campground (House)

2413 353rd Street
(319) 524-8459

Lake Cooper Foundation 
810 Main Street


The Hidden Tower

2416 340th St


Pilot Grove Savings Bank Community Room
605 Main Street


Tolmie Park Building
2930 Plank Road

319-524-2050 ext. 105

First Christian Church

3476 Main Street


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