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December programs for Adults at KPL
Handmade Holidays
Wednesday Book Club - WS
The Bickel Albums
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Coming Up At KPL:

Friday, December 8th

1:00 PM - Geri-Fit (Adults)

Saturday, December 9th

*10:00 AM - Handmade Holidays: Spa Gift Sets (Ages 8 - Adult, *Registration Required)

Monday, December 10th

4:00 PM - Coding Hangout (Ages 8-18)

Tuesday, December 12th

1:00 PM - Geri-Fit (Adults)

3:30 PM - Kids Crafts: Mini Jingle Bell Wreath (Ages 5-18)

*5:30 PM - World Food: Denmark (Adults, *Registration Required)

Genealogy & Local History

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