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Library Policies: Staff Development

The Keokuk Public Library Board recognizes that continuing education of the library staff is vital to effective service to the public and an efficient use of tax money.  The board encourages the development of each employee to their fullest potential.

The State Library of Iowa supports a voluntary certification program for librarians.  All staff members are encouraged to meet the appropriate qualifications for state certification and to update these regularly.

Participation in and successful completion of special training is considered in making advancement and promotions.  Employees are encouraged to further their job skills through participation in such programs.  Completion of such training will be noted in the employee’s personnel file.

To encourage employee development, the library may reimburse an employee for expenses incurred in obtaining approved training that is related to the employee’s present or future job responsibilities.  At the discretion of the director, promising employees will be encouraged to attend various training sessions, with time off with pay, and may be reimbursed for tuition and travel within the library’s budgeted ability to pay.

Leaves of absence without pay for educational purposes may be granted, at the recommendation of the director, by the library board.  The leave may not extend more than 3 months.

All employees are required to attend staff meetings as scheduled by the director.  Staff may also be required to attend information/education meetings sponsored by the state library.  Expenses for out of town meetings will be paid by the library.  Compensation for time spent in travel to out of town meetings is covered by Iowa law as follows:

An employee is entitled to compensation for the time that an employee spends traveling between worksites if the travel is done during working hours. Iowa Code § 91.A section 13

Membership in the Iowa Library Association will be paid by the library for the director.  American Library Association membership may also be paid for the director as the budget allows.

Adopted 2/12/1989
Revised 6/19/1989
Revised 6/18/1990
Revised 2/23/2004
Revised 12/19/2011

Revised 2/24/2020

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