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Library Policies: Sex Offender Policy

In accordance with Chapter 692A of the Code of Iowa, the Board of Trustees prohibits the presence of individuals convicted of sex offenses against minors upon or within 300 feet of library property without written permission of the Library Director. 
The issuance of a library card to individuals who have been convicted of a sex offense involving a minor does not grant them permission to enter the library or to be present on library property.  Individuals convicted of a sex offense against a minor must follow proper library procedures and policies in order to request and to obtain written permission to be on library property.  A valid library card does not grant that permission.

Only if authorized by a vote of the Board of Trustees during a meeting at which a quorum is present, the library director may give such written permission.

Background checks will be performed using the National Sex Offender Registry on all employees, potential employees, and volunteers who are or will be working on library property.

Violations of this policy will be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Adopted on 9/21/2009
Revised 3/19/2012

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