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Library Policies: Safe Child Policy

In an effort to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all and an environment that allows everyone to use the library in a safe manner, the library board has adopted the following policy concerning unattended children.

  1. Parents are reminded that unexpected events can occur when children are left unattended.  The well-being of children left alone in a public building is a serious concern.  Although staff members attempt to ensure the safety of children in the building, their duties as providers of library services prevent them from supervising each child.  Library staff are not licensed to provide child-care.

  2. Parents or caregivers may not leave children under the age of 8 years unattended in the library.  A caregiver is defined as a parent, another adult, or an adolescent 14 years of age or older.  Children 8 years of age and older may be unaccompanied and must comply with library behavior policy.  If disruptive, a patron is reminded of this policy; if unacceptable behavior continues, the patron must leave the library property.

  3. During library programming for children it is recommended that the caregiver remain on library premises.

  4. Persons using computers who bring young children along are responsible for making sure the children are well-behaved and well-supervised.

  5. If a child has special challenges related to physical or mental ability, inconsistent behavior patterns, emotional problems, lack of adequate attention span, or incomplete social skills –  that child must be supervised at all times.

  6. Parents should be aware of library hours and make plans for transportation by closing time.  Patrons can wait on the bench outside of the library for transportation after the library closes.

  7. The Keokuk Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.  When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, staff will contact the parents or caregivers.  If they are not readily available, staff will contact the Keokuk Police Department.


Approved 5/18/1987
Revised 12/18/1989
Revised 5/20/2002 
Revised 11/21/2011

Revised 11/20/2017

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