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Library Policies: Reproduction of Photographs Policy

It is the intent of the Keokuk Public Library to share its photograph and image collection with the public in a fair and equitable manner.  However, permission must be obtained from a library supervisor for personal use and the Library Director for any other use.  The Library reserves the right to deny or limit use.  Only copies will be available for browsing.

Photographs, prints, paintings, postcards, and local history material may not be taken from the Library.  Outside reproduction of Library images will be restricted and requires approval of the Library Director.

If an image is reproduced for commercial purposes, the Library charges a use fee of $25.00 per image in addition to reproduction fees below.  This fee does not apply to images ordered for research, educational purposes, personal use, newspapers, or news broadcasts.

The use of images for media that are predominantly pictorial in nature, and the fees for such use, are to be negotiated with the director.

In addition to a fee, the Library may request a copy of any books or publications in which photographs and/or images have been featured.

The Library will distribute reproductions for a fee, which must be prepaid by the requestor.  The fees are as follows:

  • 8” x 10” print on photo paper =    $10.00/ea.

  • *Electronic copy of image saved to CD =   $8.00/ea.

  • *Electronic copy of image emailed to requestor =  $8.00/ea.

  • Shipping and handling for CDs and prints =   $7.00/ea.


*Electronic images will be accompanied by a letter stating that permission has been granted to the bearer for reproduction for a one-time use only, and that the Library claims reproduction rights on all images that we hold in our collection.

For all uses except personal, credit must be given to the Keokuk Public Library and to the photographer, if known.

If used commercially, permission must be obtained for subsequent use of the same photograph and the use fee must be paid again.  Credit must also be given on each subsequent use.

If reproducing an image when the photographer is known, or an image in a publication that is under copyright, the user must assume all responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise.  This could include contacting the photographer and/or publisher prior to use.

Duplication by the Keokuk Public Library in no way transfers either copyright or property right, nor does it constitute permission to publish in excess of fair use.

Adopted 5/16/1988
Revised 2/28/2000
Revised 12/17/2007
Revised 3/19/2012

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