Library Policies: Goals & Objectives

VISIT A COMFORTABLE PLACE: Physical and Virtual Spaces
Description: Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking.
Goal 1a: Patrons may better navigate through an aesthetically pleasing library.


Objective #1: Floor Plan Overhaul

a) Make a new layout for furniture and materials on main floor – end of Dec. 2014
b) Get quotes for moving book stacks – Jan. 15, 2015
c) Rearrange stacks – end of May 2015

Objective #2: Create a uniform signage system

Streamline current signage - decrease overwhelming amount of information while increasing visibility

a) Research choices for new signage with the new book stack layout – end of April 2015
b) Determine best signage. Create a quick tally form to count people with location questions – February 15
c) Put up temporary signage – end of May 2015
d) Permanent signage installed – end of July 2015
e) Measure success – tally patron location questions one year later – March 2016
f) Share stats with board and staff by Spring 2016

Goal 1b: Website users may better navigate through an intuitive library website.


Objective #1: Evaluate current website to determine potential changes.  Research – survey users and staff to consider helpful changes, and use “webstats” to find most popular pages of the current website – February 2016

Objective #2: Attend spring 2016 training for PLOW (State Library’s Putting Libraries On the Web)

Objective #3: Upgrade website to new PLOW theme/template and implement helpful changes based on research – end of September 2016

• Objective #4: Train patrons to use the catalog

a) Get out from behind the desk to show patrons how to find things by themselves
b) Create informational pieces for catalog (print and/or online) – October 2016
c) Change wording for eBooks in Polaris – March 2015


Goal 1c: Patrons may have better access to technological resources and connectivity.


• Objective #1: Research faster Internet service – see if increased broadband Internet speed is within the budget – February 2016


Objective #2: Research better technology connectivity – December 2016; gather information about areas where patrons can plug in for power and/or internet access - tech-friendly furniture, outlets/jacks, cords, etc.; present to the board in January 2017


Objective #3: Create programming for Tech Help – February 2017

SATISFY CURIOSITY: Lifelong Learning

Description: Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

Goal 2a: Adults may explore interests and hobbies and enjoy a wide variety of materials and programming.

Objective #1: Evaluate programming for effectiveness using attendance numbers and input from staff and attendees. Use this information to make changes or discontinue specific programs (ongoing).

Objective #2: Survey adults (users and non-users) on potential programming (formal and informal) – end of 2015

Objective #3: Plan and implement new programs based on survey results and create 6 new programs – end of 2016

• Objective #4: Consider new options for little-used IWD computer-space – Spring 2017; discuss possibilities and gather information and prices – ideas brainstormed were digital conversion software for old music and videos

Goal 2b: Children may discover the joy of reading and become lifelong learners.

• Objective #1: Establish a family reading night program – September 2015; get five new families to attend programming

• Objective #2: Research partnering with in-home day care – end of March 2016

• Objective #3: Promote Overdrive Children’s Reading Room – September 2016

• Objective #4: Survey parents, caregivers, and teachers on potential programming – end of 2016

Goal 2c: Teens/Tweens may find materials, programs, and interactive experiences to enhance their current interests.

• Objective #1: Survey homeschoolers - end of September 2015

• Objective #2: Promote Overdrive Teen Reading Room – September 2016

• Objective #3: Survey teens to find out what kinds of programs, space, and materials they want – end of 2017


KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY: Community Resources and Services

Description: Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services, and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.

Goal 3a: The unemployed and underemployed may find materials and programs to help them in their job search.

• Objective #1: Help promote IowaWorks employment services and training programs – April 2015

• Objective #2: Replace IWD access point and put shortcuts to IWD website on all library computers – Spring 2017

• Objective #3: Promote resources available on LearningExpress Library database – September 2018; create library presentations and do outreach

Goal 3b: Seniors may learn more about pertinent lifestyle interests.

• Objective #1: Create 6 new programs on hobbies or interests – December 2017

• Objective #2: Survey/Research lunchtime program topics – July 2017

• Objective #3: Create at least three lunchtime programs – July 2018

• Objective #4: Keep statistics and anecdotes on new programming; determine which popular programs to repeat the following year – July 2018

Goal 3c: Residents and visitors may find information about area places, events, goods, and services.

• Objective #1: Partner with Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau to display information about area places and events – April 2016

• Objective #2: Research new furniture to display brochures and pamphlets – December 2016

• Objective #3: Partner with Keokuk Chamber of Commerce and/or Main Street to display brochures and bookmarks about area goods and services – July 2017; research any necessary policy changes – February 2017

• Objective #4: Research an online Keokuk community events calendar – February 2016; research a policy for submissions – June 2016.

Goal 3d: Residents and visitors may find information about area businesses & non-profit organizations.

• Objective #1: Create informational handouts regarding housing and human services – January 2016

• Objective #2: Create informational handouts for local non-profits – January 2017; this may include local grant deadlines, 501(c)3 information, etc.

• Objective #3: Create a physical or online “welcome wagon” that includes links and information about local resources – January 2018

Adopted 1/1993
Revised 12/20/2000
Revised 3/18/2002
Revised 5/21/2007
Revised 1/7/2011
Revised 8/18/2014
Objectives approved 3/16/2015

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