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Library Policies: Gifts Policy

The library gratefully accepts gifts and donations.  In instances where stipulations are attached to gifts, the library reserves the right to refuse the gift if the stipulations are unacceptable.

The Keokuk Public Library Foundation is the preferred recipient for substantial gifts of money, property or stock.

Once a gift has been accepted it becomes library property to be used as the library deems appropriate.  The same guidelines of selection and discarding are applied to gifts as to materials acquired by purchase.  Materials that are duplicates, outdated, or unsuitable for other reasons may be passed on to other libraries, or disposed of in a manner judged appropriate by the director.

When a receipt is requested at the time of the donation, the library will issue a written statement providing date and description of gift.  No monetary value will be set by the library on any gift received.


Adopted 5/16/1988
Revised 2/28/2000
Revised 1/30/2002
Revised 10/17/2011
Revised 11/20/2017

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