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Research Fees

Library Policies: Fee Schedule Policy

Copies/Prints (letter/legal/ledger):

Black and white – $0.15 per side
Color – $0.25 per side

Ear Buds: $1.00

Faxing: Bring your items to the front desk. We can provide a cover sheet if needed.

Inter-Library Loan: request here or call the library to place a request.

Lamination: $.50 per 12 inches 

Library Card Replacement: $2.00

Scanning: No charge. Scanners are located at the public computers and in the genealogy area.

Library staff will provide copies of obituaries upon request for a fee of $4.00 per obituary.
Other genealogy and local history-related research will be provided for $10.00 per hour.

There are two book returns (inside and outside/alley) for patron convenience.  Items should be placed inside a book return by the end of the due date.  Materials too large for the book returns must be returned during library hours.

Overdue fines were abolished by the library board on May 18, 2020.  Fees for repair, replacement, and reprocessing still apply.  Items that are six months overdue are designated as lost.  Lost items are billed for the replacement cost, plus a $5.00 processing fee.  The supervisor on duty will determine charges for damaged items.

Library privileges are suspended when items are overdue and/or account has a fee balance of $10 or greater.  Library cards may not be renewed until items are returned and any fees are paid.
Adopted 3/21/1988
Revised 6/19/1989 
Revised 12/21/1998 
Revised 12/20/1999 
Revised 1/17/2000 
Revised 5/20/2002 
Revised 1/16/2006 
Revised 2/27/2006
Revised 10/16/2006
Revised 7/16/2007
Revised 6/16/2008
Revised 10/19/2009
Revised 2/28/2011
Revised 10/15/2012
Revised 5/21/2013
Revised 10/17/2016
Revised 6/18/2018

Revised 5/18/2020

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