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Library Policies: Emergency Procedures Policy

Emergency Numbers: Off-site services to be called in the event of an emergency

  • Fire Department – 524-5225 (or dial 911 for emergency)

  • Medical, First Responders – dial 911

  • Police Department – 524-2742 (or dial 911 for emergency)

  • Sheriff Department – 524-1414

  • Keokuk City Offices – 524-2050

  • Utilities, Alliant Energy (electric) – 800-255-4268

  • Utilities, Liberty Utilities (gas) – 866-322-8667

  • Security System, Tyco SimplexGrinnell – 800-747-8787 (after hours: 800-747-9191)

  • Catalog, Polaris (Innovative Interfaces, Inc.) – 877-857-1978

  • Library Director, Emily Rohlfs – 524-5826

Emergency Procedures

An emergency kit containing water, bandages, flashlights, and batteries is available in the lower-level staff area.

All staff should know the location of all shutoffs, breakers, fire extinguishers, alarms, and exits.



In case of a medical emergency, dial 911. 




A tornado WATCH is declared when conditions are favorable for tornadoes but none have been sighted.

A tornado WARNING is declared when a tornado has been sighted in the area. The city’s tornado siren will be activated.  


When the warning siren sounds: 


  1. A staff member in charge will announce to patrons, “The storm siren is sounding.  There is a (tornado warning/tornado watch/storm warning) in effect.  Everyone – please move down to the lower-level until the all clear signal is received.”

  2. Everyone is required to go to the lower-level and wait for the all clear signal.



Upon discovery of a fire, sound the alarm by pulling the nearest fire alarm and dial 911.

If the fire alarm has already been pulled, the staff member in charge must check all areas of the building for signs of a fire.  If there is any doubt, call 911.  If there is no sign of fire, follow posted procedures to turn off false alarm.

If a fire is in its early stages, such as a trash can or a small pile of paper, use the nearest fire extinguisher.

  1. A staff member in charge will announce to patrons, “This is an emergency.  Please use the nearest exit to evacuate the building and make your way to the adjacent lot across the alley for safety.”

  2. If possible, the staff member in charge should try to close the door to the burning area to confine the fire and minimize the spread of smoke.

  3. The staff member in charge should make an effort to see that everyone leaves, directing staff and patrons to exit the building as quickly as possible.  Gather staff and patrons in the adjacent lot.  Do not return to the building for any reason until approval is given by the Fire Department.  Children under 14 must remain until all clear is given, or a responsible person (14 or over) comes to claim him or her.

  4. Fire extinguishers are checked every year by the Fire Department, and serviced every three years.

This policy will be reviewed and discussed annually with the staff.

Adopted 5/16/1988
Revised 8/19/2002
Reviewed 1/16/2006
Revised 11/21/2011

Revised 11/20/2017

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