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Library Policies: Emergency Closures Policy

The library director will make the decision to close the library in the event of an emergency situation. Emergency situations include: insufficient staffing, dangerous weather conditions, loss of power, bomb threat, fire, and other factors that might pose a serious health or safety risk to staff or patrons. Any such adjustment of scheduled hours will be based on a concern for the welfare of the staff and patrons and must be reported to the Board of Trustees at the next meeting.

Staff members will be paid for their shift if they had been previously scheduled during time that the library is closed due to weather or emergency.  The Director will make sure that staff are notified.  In the event that the library should close, the staff will make a reasonable effort to notify the public by posting signs on all library entrances, contacting individuals and organizations that have reserved a meeting room (using one of the methods of contact listed on the room reservation application), and contacting the public through media outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers.

Fines will not be charged for any day in which the library is closed.

Closings are announced on television, radio, and Facebook

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