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Library Policies: Community Calendar Policy


The Keokuk Community Calendar is an interactive, web-based program that enables the community to post, view, and search for events of broad interest to the community.  The calendar is a tool for the public to advertise and promote community events and activities.  It is specifically designed to house information about special events and public meetings.


Calendar Postings are designed to announce one-time or special events for programs, not regularly scheduled activities (i.e., church services, exercise classes, etc.).

The Community Calendar may be used to promote:

Educational, social, cultural, or recreational events in Keokuk open to the general public and sponsored by non-profit civic, social, charitable, fraternal, or educational organizations that are based in Lee County.

The Community Calendar may not be used to promote commercial events.


Postings will be limited to those abiding by the following guidelines:

Events must have a beginning and end date.  Examples of acceptable events include festivals, school performances and sporting events, community and professional performances, community events, and fundraisers.

All events must be open to the general public, not just to organization members.

No posting may include or advocate illegal actions or activities. Posts that include such advocacy will be immediately rejected or removed.

The online submission form must be filled out entirely, including event description and contact information.  Forms with blank entry fields or no description will not be processed and, therefore, not posted.

Entries shall be submitted no less than 14 days prior to the date to ensure posting to the Community Calendar.  Event submissions will not be accepted more than 8 months in advance of the event.

Calendar Review and Publishing

All submitted events are sent to the Calendar Staff for approval before they are published on the online calendar.

Submitted events will be posted within about 5 business days.

Calendar Staff and the Keokuk Public Library reserve the right to limit the number of postings from any one organization, to reject any posting, and to make exceptions to calendar guidelines. Calendar Staff reserve the right to edit event information for length, spelling, language, and clarity.

Calendar Style

In submitting events to the Calendar, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure sufficient detail and consistency of style throughout the site:

  • Event Title:     Use initial caps and lower case throughout.

  • Location:        Include the address, building name, and room number (if applicable).

  • Time:              List the specific time of the event.

  • Event Contact: Include a contact person’s name, phone number, and email address.

  • Website:         Only use this if there is a website that has been specifically created for the event, or if the site has more information about the event than you can include in the listing.

  • Description:    Try to keep the information in this box to 2-5 sentences.

  • Fees:              If there is a fee involved, that must be included.

  • Images and Attachments: Images are encouraged, and may be edited or supplied by library staff, especially if one is not provided.  Supporting documents (including audio and video) may be also be submitted.  Images and attachments will be uploaded if they are in a format compatible with the calendar software and do not otherwise violate any library policy.

Although the calendar is moderated for posting acceptable events, the Keokuk Public Library does not endorse or verify the information included.  The Library does not control or review the content or operation of the websites referenced in event postings.  The Library does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, appropriateness or security of the link, website, or content linked thereto.  The Library urges you to exercise caution when accessing any unfamiliar website.  The Library cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete calendar information, regardless of origin, or for any negative consequences arising from any reliance on such incorrect or incomplete information.

  • The Event Contact accepts the rules and acknowledges that the application is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. Those found intentionally withholding information or lying will be banned from future uses.

Adopted 5/16/2016
Revised on 10/17/2016

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