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Library Policies: Collection Development Policy

The Keokuk Public Library accepts as its responsibility the need to serve all individuals of the community.  The library does not promote or censor any particular political, moral, philosophical or religious convictions or opinions.  It is our intent to provide professionally selected books and materials to aid the individual in pursuit of information, education, recreation and research.  The library provides service to all residents of Keokuk and Lee County, regardless of race, creed, age, or occupation.

The Keokuk Public Library selects, organizes, preserves, and makes available to all people printed and non-printed materials that will assist them to:

  • Educate themselves

  • Become better members of home and community

  • Discharge political and social obligations

  • Be more capable in their daily occupations

  • Develop their creative and spiritual capacities

  • Appreciate and enjoy works of art and literature

  • Use leisure time to promote personal and social well-being

As a general guideline for materials selection the Keokuk Public Library Board of Trustees adopts the following American Library Associate statements, which are appended.

  1. Library Bill of Rights

  2. Freedom to Read Statement

  3. Freedom to View Statement

Ultimate responsibility for book selection rests with the Director, who works within a frame of policies approved by the library board.  Staff, trustee and patron recommendations and suggestions are given prompt consideration.  As with all selections, favorable reviews are sought in standard reviewing sources or from recognized trade and professional journals.

The following specific criteria are considered when selecting materials for the library.

  • Current usefulness or permanent value

  • Authority and competence in presentation

  • Importance as a record of the times

  • Relationship to existing collection

  • High standards of quality

  • Intended audience - age and reading/listening/viewing level

  • Favorable reviews in standard reviewing sources

  • Patron requests

  • Price

These standards are followed in the selection of all library materials added to the collection.  This includes adult fiction and non-fiction, material for children and young adults, periodicals and newspapers, and non-print materials such as audio books, digital resources, DVDs, and other items deemed appropriate for special collections.

The juvenile collection is chosen for children of all ages, with emphasis on materials that stimulate the imagination and promote understanding of the world around them.

The Keokuk Public Library utilizes the resources of other libraries and the regional library system in an effort to avoid unnecessary duplication of services and materials.  Inter-library loan is used for specialized materials that are beyond the scope of our collection.

The library does not attempt to purchase textbooks or other curriculum-related materials except when such materials serve the general public.  


The library has a particular interest in local and state history and in the works of local authors.  The same standards of selection apply to these materials as apply to all other works.

The same criteria are used in withdrawing materials from the collection as are used in their acquisition.  Materials are withdrawn from the collection when the contents are no longer useful or valid, or are not in a condition suitable for circulation.  Duplicate copies or items no longer in high demand may be withdrawn.  Books that are deteriorating will be refurbished by repair or rebinding whenever judged appropriate by the director.  Materials no longer useful to the library may be given to other libraries, sold, or disposed of in a manner approved by the board and the director.

Library Responsibilities – Use of Collection & Suitability

The Keokuk Public Library makes every effort to present a balance of viewpoints on controversial subjects.  Patrons are free to accept or reject for themselves any item in the collection.  Library materials are not marked or identified to indicate approval or disapproval of their content.  Books and materials are not placed on restricted shelves with the intent of limiting access to contents.  Controlled or limited access is only for the purpose of protecting material from damage or theft.

Children are not limited to materials in the juvenile collection.  Responsibility for the reading of children rests with their parents and legal guardians, not with the library.  The library does not assume responsibility for possible misuse of information found in the collection by young readers.

A request form for reconsideration of books or materials is available to any patron.  Completed “Request for Reconsideration” forms are referred to the director, who will review the request and the challenged material, and respond to the complainant.  After receiving the director’s response, the complainant may approach the library board for further consideration.  Challenged materials will not be removed from the public shelves while awaiting resolution of a request for reconsideration.  Challenged material must be reviewed in its entirety by the Intellectual Freedom committee.  A copy of the reconsideration request form is attached.

Adopted 7/18/1988
Revised 12/20/1999
Revised 12/16/2002
Reviewed 1/16/2006
Revised 2/28/2011

Revised 2/27/2017

Library Policies: ALA Statements (referred to in Collection Development policy)

As a general guideline for materials selection, the Keokuk Public Library Board of Trustees adopts the following American Library Associate statements:


  • ALA Bill of Rights


  • The Freedom to Read Statement


  • The Freedom to View Statement

ALA Statements
ALA Bill of Rights
ALA Freedom to Read
ALA Freedom to View
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