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Library Policies: Bulletin Policy

The purposes of the library’s bulletin boards and pamphlet racks are:

  • To call attention to local activities, events and official notices; and

  • To dispense free information about local activities and nonprofit organizations.


The library may accept material from nonprofit organizations, including churches, schools, and city and county governments.

The library will not accept business or personal advertising (products, apartments for rent, etc.). The library will not accept containers for collections.

Posters, notices, and material for distribution must be submitted to the director for approval.  Scheduling of displays and exhibits must also be cleared with the library director.

Posters announcing a series of events or ongoing meetings will be posted as space allows. These items will not be posted for more than thirty days, and, if space is limited, may not remain posted throughout the duration of the events or meetings.

Due to space constraints, posters may be limited because of size of the poster or the proximity of the event to Keokuk. Priority is given to events held in Lee County.

The Library will not be responsible for monitoring the continued display of any poster. Because of space limitations, the Library cannot guarantee that all eligible posters will be displayed.

Posting of notices and distribution of material does not imply endorsement by the library.

Adopted 4/18/1988
Revised 2/28/2000
Revised 10/17/2011
Revised 10/19/2015

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