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Library Policies: Borrowing Privileges Policy

A library card is required in order to borrow any item from the Keokuk Public Library.  Free cards are issued to residents of Keokuk and rural Lee County.

Adult cards are issued upon receipt of a completed application form.  A reference with a different phone number should be given.  Current identification, or identification with proof of residence, must also be shown.

Children’s cards are issued when a child reaches the age of 6 and can print both first and last name.  The application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Parent must also show current identification, or identification with proof of residence.  Iowa Code § 613.16 “Parental responsibility for actions of children” says that legal guardians are responsible for fines and fees incurred by children under the age of 18.

Children’s cards are issued without a parent signature to secondary school children, ages 11 to 17. In accordance with ALA’s Bill of Rights, a person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.  Older children should bring a school ID and the information necessary to fill out an application form, including the contact information of a legal guardian.

Non-residents may purchase a card for $50 per year, or $30 for 6 months.  Non-residents owning property in Keokuk are issued cards without charge when presenting a property tax receipt.  All other requirements for obtaining a library card must also be met.

Temporary cards are issued to those residing at a temporary Keokuk address (half-way houses, shelter homes, residential treatment facilities, and hotels/motels).  Temporary borrowers are limited to two items out at a time. An address check is required every 90 days.

Local Businesses and Organizations may receive a library card.  Application must be made by a responsible individual, and identification of this individual is required. Use of these cards entails acceptance of the same responsibilities as any other library card.

Keokuk School Students and Staff (SCC, Keokuk Catholic School, Keokuk Christian Academy, Keokuk public schools) may receive a library card.  Students and Teachers must show school ID.  Students under the age of 11 will need a parent/legal guardian to show ID and co-sign their application.

Reciprocal Lending: Keokuk Public Library is an Open Access Library.  Borrower’s cards from all other Iowa Open Access libraries are honored for Iowa residents.

Responsibilities of Borrowers: When prospective borrowers apply for the right to use the library, they accept certain responsibilities as library users.  They agree to abide by the rules of the library and to pay any fines or damages charged to them.  They also agree to take care of all materials borrowed and to give the library notice of any change of contact information. 

A photo will be taken of each patron to accompany their record for identification purposes.  If a patron does not wish to be photographed this will be noted on the account and a library card will be required for checkout.

Account Permissions:

Borrowers 18 and up may grant a responsible, designated adult permission to:

•    Check out items reserved by the borrower on the borrower’s behalf
•    Check out other items on the borrower’s account
•    Access information about items checked out on the account, such as titles and due dates
•    Access information about the borrower’s fines and fees

The account holder is responsible for all items checked out on their account and any associated fines or fees.  This permission may be removed at any time by the account holder by contacting the library.

Adopted 3/21/1988
Revised 6/19/1989
Revised 12/18/1989
Revised 6/18/1990
Revised 12/20/1999
Reviewed 12/16/2002
Reviewed 1/16/2006
Revised 10/16/2006
Revised 3/21/ 2011
Revised 6/15/2015
Revised 10/19/2015
Revised 11/20/2017
Revised 3/26/2018 

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